Today, we’re seeing the beginning of the next great biotech boom… and it has nothing to do with COVID-19.

Thanks to new laws sweeping the United States, there might be a groundbreaking new opportunity building for companies like HAVN Life (CSE: HAVN; OTC: HAVLF).

That’s because researchers are finally re-thinking how we deal with mental health.

According to Reuters, mental health disorders is projected to be costing the world $16 trillion in the 20 year period from 2010 to 2030.

And at the moment, we’re left with hundreds of flawed solutions.

In fact, some are so harmful that less than 50% of patients that are prescribed these medications actually end up taking them.

That’s the reason big-time investors like PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary, and pot stock dynamo Bruce Linton are said to be investing money into the psychedelics space.

And they are not alone.

Even some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson and $195 billion giant Abbvie are moving into this burgeoning market.

At the same time, world-class institutions are racing ahead with groundbreaking research into the potential benefits of psychedelics.

That includes respected medical organizations like Johns Hopkins University, University of Toronto, Imperial College, and King’s College.

And one little-known biotech company could be set to take this space by storm.

HAVN Life is aiming to provide a reliable source of psilocybin for the hundreds of studies that are being carried out in this burgeoning industry.

Supplying the Anticipated Boom

HAVN Life (CSE: HAVN; OTC: HAVLF) has developed a plan that could help make them part of the backbone of this growing industry.

By delivering high-quality, naturally-derived psilocybin directly to researchers making these breakthroughs, they could serve a critical role.

We think it’s like investing in Microsoft in the early 90s, as they delivered the software the Tech Boom was all built upon.

And for HAVN Life, being a leading supplier could also mean another major benefit.

Unlike pharmaceutical companies that will have to wait 3 to 5 years for clinical studies to wrap up and await FDA approval before ever seeing revenue…

They might be able to drive revenue long before that point if they make sales directly to these research organizations.

According to reports, they’ve already developed partnerships with a leading veterans’ organization in Canada for Phase 1 pre-clinical research.

That could set HAVN Life up to develop creative new formulations to potentially help treat veterans with PTSD and other trauma-related disorders.

We think this is a huge opportunity, and it’s only getting bigger.

The U.S. military has already spent $14 million to study the effects of psilocybin on posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans.

So with tens of millions of dollars being spent by government agencies, HAVN Life might have spotted an incredible opportunity.

That kind of foresight is part of what we think helped them land a coveted spot on the first psychedelics ETF as well.

In our view, this is a huge accomplishment that could put them alongside Big Pharma giants like Johnson & Johnson and Abbvie, along with other billion-dollar companies in this growing space.

So what makes HAVN Life’s product so unique?

Standing Out from the Competition

With millions of people suffering from mental health conditions, Big Pharma has a serious problem.

Despite these conditions having a devastating effect on these people’s lives, many have made clear they have no interest in taking the lab-made medications Big Pharma is peddling.

So it’s no wonder many people are objecting to synthetic psilocybin too.

Synthetic products leave researchers with only the psilocybin molecule, leaving out the hundreds of other compounds that are found in these “magic mushrooms.”

These are the compounds that have been part of native ceremonies and ancient rituals for thousands of years, taken by simply drying the mushrooms and making tea.

With HAVN Life (CSE: HAVN; OTC: HAVLF) committed to providing naturally derived mushroom extracts, this could give them a clear leg up against other suppliers making their products under microscopes in the labs.

It might allow HAVN Life to provide a safe supply of these natural products to researchers and formulators alike.

They’re reported to be the first company to be granted a Section 56 exemption from Health Canada, allowing them to work with psilocybin in a lab.

And this important announcement has given them a necessary ingredient to start building protocols for their proposed GMP-compliant facility.

But HAVN Life may have given investors another reason to be excited, as they’re apparently moving up the starting line to reach revenue even sooner.

Entering Another Booming Market

Today, 74% of adults take supplements on a regular basis, whether that’s vitamins or other natural supplements.

That’s why the vitamins and minerals markets have really increased in recent years.

With people more focused on their health now than ever before, this led to the beginning of HAVN Life’s retail branch.

HAVN Life says it has developed a range of 7 natural mushroom-based health products that are set to launch before the end of this quarter.

And to launch this line, they apparently won’t have to worry about the kind of regulatory red tape that most pharmaceutical companies work through.

That’s because, under Health Canada’s and the FDA’s guidelines, the products would fall under the same rules as other herbs and supplements like melatonin and ginger.

Given that mushrooms are the second-fastest-growing natural health supplement, HAVN Life may have uncovered a golden opportunity while this area is still underserved in the markets.

The company says their new line of health products is designed to help support memory, focus, energy, and overall brain functioning to help people achieve peak performance throughout their daily lives.


And they’ve reportedly already developed their plan to roll it out to a broad audience across North America.

HAVN Life (CSE: HAVN; OTC: HAVLF) says it plans to promote these products through traditional retailers this year after announcing a significant distribution deal with Nesters Market in the Vancouver area.

That would put their mushroom-based line in 11 premium grocery stores, which are part of the Pattison Group, one of the largest retailers in Canada.

This could give them a foot in the door that they hope to leverage to expand throughout Canada as the year goes on.

But they won’t rely on just in-store purchases.

As online shopping has surged in recent years, HAVN Life plans to build out its own e-commerce website to sell direct-to-consumer as well.

With these pieces in place, HAVN Life plans to expand its new line throughout Canada in 2021 and into the United States next year.

The momentum looks to be building for Havn Retail, but on the other side of the business, the pace could be quickening at Havn Labs as well.

Revenue Potential Within Reach

HAVN Life recently announced they have established a team on the ground in Jamaica, helping build up the lab where they can legally grow mushrooms and do extractions on-site.

This might put them ahead of many others who are still struggling to develop GMP-compliant facilities where they can make this magic happen.

With this announcement, we think they’ve checked off another major box and become that much closer to becoming a supplier in this growing corner of the biotech market.

HAVN Life says it already received their first research license from Health Canada last year, which gives them the thumbs up to research and develop psychedelic compounds.

It looks like all they need to get started now is to secure their dealer’s license, allowing them to supply and sell regulated compounds.

Assuming they receive the go-ahead for this just as they did for the research license, they could be set to supply naturally derived psilocybin for clinical research studies before we know it.

We think that puts them in a position to become a leader in this new biotech market trend.

And at the moment, we believe HAVN Life is significantly undervalued.

Other players in this market are sitting on multi-million and billion-dollar market caps as this industry takes off.

MindMed boasts a market cap of $737 million.

And Compass Therapeutics is currently valued at a market cap of $2.4 billion.

But at the moment, HAVN Life (CSE: HAVN; OTC: HAVLF) sits at around $60 million.

That’s why we think this may be the most exciting time for HAVN Life, as they appear set to help build the groundwork for what could become the next great biotech boom.

By. Nick Cromwell


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