The Vice Premier of China Liu He is going ahead with plans to visit the United States of America for further trade talks even after constant threats from Donald Trump.

Mr. Liu, a close confidant as well as the adviser of President Xi Jinping, believes that participation in US meetings lately can help in improving the overall chances of coming across a proper deal. Liu released a statement in Beijing about his trip to the US this week–followed by a sudden rise in the overall tension between China and US when Donald Trump threatened to impose new tariffs on the ongoing trade between the two countries.

Still, the existing atmosphere that surrounds the respective trade talks between China and the US altered significantly a few weeks ago. This happened when the discussion of the current week was observed to be a possible last session or round before both the sides went forward with halting the expectations of the trade war –making the markets of the world shatter.

Officials in the United States of America claim that China has recently backtracked on a wide number of major commitments it had made during the negotiating months seeking the end of the trade war existing between US and China. The emerging concerns had promoted Donald Trump to release a statement saying that he is going to raise the overall tariffs on a whopping $200 billion worth of goods from China to as much as 25 percent from the previous 10 percent by this week, sparking China to vow to retaliate if Trump followed through. Trump further added that he would also be soon targeting the remaining imports from China with increased tariffs.

Amongst all the chaos, Liu He, the Vice Premier in China is going to visit the United States on 9th and 10th May. The Ministry of China, however, did not express elaborate statements on the purpose of the visit or the topics will be discussed in the meeting. Response from Beijing with respect to increased tariffs by the US on Chinese goods has been reserved relatively.

Recently, a spokesman from the Foreign Ministry Geng Shuang said in a statement that mutual respect is expected to be practiced when it comes to establishing some trade agreement between two countries. He added that increasing tariffs is not the ultimate solution to any problem.


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